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Have you found your passion in life, you know, that thing you have to do no matter what? Everyone should find their passion in life and Brad has definitely found his. His passion for performing, entertaining and adding to people’s lives drives him to succeed with his own brand of magical entertainment. If you have ever seen him in action, you would see that passion. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is worth your while to seek it out. Once you experience it, you will understand what everyone is talking about. At the outset of Brad’s favourite trick, he apologizes to his volunteer right away because he knows they will not get much sleep tonight. He knows they will be laying awake in bed wondering what would have happened if they had made a different choice. Many people have approached Brad and told him stories of how their family still talks about when he performed at their event years before. It is this type of positive input to people’s lives that wakes him up in the morning and keeps him going. You need to experience it for yourself. Here is what other people are saying about Brad’s unique brand of magical entertainment…


Enjoyed By All

“Your act was superb and appreciated by all.”

“Thank you again for giving my son and his friends such a fantastic show.”

“You made it lively… and fun entertainment.”

“We appreciate your magic. It is a privilege to have you with us.”

“We did appreciate your exciting magical acts. Thanks for your special entertainment.”

“You are the bestist magicin You’r trcks were awesome Pleas come agan and you’r funny”










YOU !!

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When Brad was a teenager in Vancouver, British Columbia, he discovered a magic store two blocks from his new home. Little did he know when he walked in that store for the first time, what was inside would shape his entire future. All his paper route money and bottle collecting money from that day on went into buying and learning the secrets of magic. He spent every day after school and every Saturday scouring the shelves for new magical effects. After a year of this, he was told that if he was going to come into the magic store so much, he may as well start working behind the counter. That is when things really ramped up. He got to know and meet many professional performers and well known celebrities in the magic world. He soaked up all he could from them. Combining the years of experiences they shared with him and his own quirky personality, Brad created his own unique blend of magic, comedy and humour that has delighted thousands of audiences. He has passed some of that knowledge on to countless others who were also interested in magic by teaching lessons through community programs, schools and private lessons. From birthday party magic in a living room for a dozen kids to stage performances in front of thousands of people to having his own television show, Brad has the experience and passion needed to add fun and excitement to every event he performs at. Brad now resides in Kamloops, British Columbia and continues to enjoy adding magic to people’s lives.






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